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ACUTECH was founded in 1987 Currently holding “Authorized Customs Broker - Special Grade No. 17th” First got “Excellent Custom License on May 7, 1998”. Head office at Ekamai, Bangkok, Branches at Laemchabang, Suvarnbhumi Airport and in Japan, Laos.
Acutech provide 24 hours, 7 days a week services with more than 250 efficient, experienced professionals who handle all types of import, export and in transit shipments.
Acutech also provide services such as BOI, Refund, 19bis, International Freight Forwarding.
Message from Managing Director
Past experience has brought both challenge and change in our day to day service procedure. We adopted and integrated modern technology to be more competitive and a step ahead of our competitor. Current economic and social changes have force us to focus attention of all our employees to improve performance and position us for success no matter what kind of market we encounter. We’ve made excellent progress in a short period of time, but we have to do more to sustain the competition. Today Acutech Co., Ltd. is wonderfully reshaped into a force to recon with in Professional Customs Clearance for all types of shipment and consultancy business regarding BOI, 19 BIS facilities and so on and so forth. Our Management team approved a new sustainable simpler service oriented strategy. This recognition reflects our commitment to our customers.
Mr. Samatha Meteeputthi
Acutech Co., Ltd.
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